Ask Your Car Shipper These Questions Before You Handover Your Car

It is no surprise that people who are moving are also wanting to transfer their cars because migrating to new cities or even neighborhoods is becoming quite popular.

In such cases, hiring a car transportation or auto shipping company to assist you will make your Interstate car journey much safer, easier, and more convenient.

Ship a Car, Inc. is one such company that has been in this business and is quite well connected with various transport networks all over the USA. You may contact the representative of this company either by giving a call or visit the website

Businesses that specialize in shipping cars have personnel and equipment that have received intensive training and have a thorough understanding of properly transporting cars from one place to another. Car shipping companies are in high demand as a result.

But not every auto transportation business is the same. So, before choosing one, think about asking the following few questions in order to obtain the best service.

  1. Are you a carrier, auto transport company or broker?

Each option has its own pros and cons, however, go for one that has a high reputation.

  1. Are you a licensed and registered company?

Reject the service provider if it is not licensed or registered.

  1. What are the exact services that you offer?

Try to know as much possible information about the various services offered by the company.

  1. Can you give me free shipping quotations?

Do not consider the service provider if it asks for payment to offer a quote.

  1. Does your quote include everything, or whether there are any additional charges?

This is very important so that you may not get any surprises at the end.

  1. What car shipping services do you offer?

Know full detail about its services.

  1. How much will your car shipping services cost?

The cost will depend on many factors, however, a ballpark figure should be known for comparison.

  1. How do you calculate the rates?

Try to know various factors affecting the cost.

  1. Do I need to offer any tip to the driver?

It will be nice to know, however, offering a tip is your choice.

  1. Do you have car shipping insurance?

Most service providers offer insurance so try to know the details.

  1. What documents are needed by you to ship a car?

All service providers demand different sets of documents and hence it is good to ask.

  1. How should I prepare my car for shipping?

Again, this also varies from company to company, hence it is better to clarify.

  1. How long will it take to reach my car?

The exact time is difficult to get, however, it is good to ask.

  1. How should I pay for car shipping?

Be aware of what form the service provider accepts payment.

  1. What happens if my car is damaged during shipping?

An auto company shipping makes all the efforts to prevent damage, and yet accidents may still happen. The majority of reputable service providers always fix the damage.

Asking lots of questions might help make the difficult work of selecting a car shipping business easier.

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